Monday, July 19, 2010

Amazing story of niqab

This was written from one niqaabi sister to a non-niqaabi sister to try and help her understand her reasons for wearing Niqaab.

As salaam alaykum,
I know that when ever you have asked me the question why I wear niqaab I fail to explain it. I can only say in most ways I cannot and inshaAllah I will flow with my fingers and give my account of wearing hijab.

In the beginning I didnt understand hijab properly, before converting I understood by covering yourself you could say to someone ” These are the limits you have with me. Dont push it further”. You could keep unwanted attention away. So as a westerner I dressed modestly in western clothing.

Two weeks after converting I realised that by wearing hijab people could then know that I was muslim. I was no longer this white girl walking down a platform at Liverpool Street, with ideas and values anyone could guess. By wearing hijab people knew I was muslim and the values I stood for.

The abaya came two weeks after. It felt like an extension to my hijab. Something that not only helped identify me as a muslim but gave me a greater protection. Where the western clothing lacked in trying to disguise my figure or how skinny I was, the abaya fulfilled the very purpose. I lost myself in the abaya. In loosing myself I found a new freedom. As the fabric flowed with my stride I felt more feminine.

Hijab and abaya, some feel is sufficient. I felt protected, however being white, and wearing hijab and abaya brought me attention. Both from non-muslims and muslims alike. Although I attracted more attention it was a different kind of attention. It wasnt “o my days, shes buff”, it was the astonishment of a white person being muslim. It made people think what on earth did she leave her past for? And for muslims some of them found it hard to understand why, just as equally as the non-muslims, just why I could convert. What good is there in Islam? It doesnt matter who you are. You can still lack knowledge. We are learning from the moment we are born to the time we die.

On converting, I started watching different sisters and how they went about life. A number of these sisters wore the niqaab. Dressed all in black, faces covered. Somehow it all seemed really serene. They all had this peaceful quality about them. It deeply intrigued me. I didnt look to the fiqh opinions or the fatwa of different groups. What attracted me to niqaab was the meaning it gave to those sisters and eventually myself.

Upon talking to a sister that wore it and my interest about it, she gave me my first niqaab, a day I can remember well. This small piece of fabric held so many meanings, so many mixed feelings to those that wore it, and those who would have to ” confront” it. Quite aptly I decided to try it one day upon traveling to uni. There was such a stark contrast from the previous day. I felt anonymous, people actually stared at me less, and I reveled in the freedom. I no longer had to worry about how my face looked, I was able to ditch the makeup, what little I still wore. I could loose those inhibitions, those insecurities I had developed in High School about how I looked and what people thought of me.

It wasnt until a couple of months later from that morning that I decided to start wearing niqaab more while out. I started wearing it to university and whilst out by myself without my parents knowing. They were still getting used to me being muslim, let alone niqaab.

Spiritually I now feel niqaab is my safety blanket. If I loose it I loose it all. Such deep feelings stem from the meaning niqaab now has to me. I mentioned how wearing niqaab I feel anonymous, and this gives me freedom. In a society where so much emphasis is placed on identity and in particular the face, many sisters deem wearing niqaab totally inappropriate. How can those who place so much value on the face cope with the niqaab, a small piece of fabric. A classic hadith that is used in tazkiyah or tassawuf goes along the lines of the Prophet SWS saying ” Travel in the world as if you are a stranger”. The main interpretation being that we should be so far from the dunya that we are a stranger to it. For me by wearing niqaab I become that stranger. I travel through the world detached from it.

There is a barrier between me and the world.

When I walk down the street people give me looks but nothing else. There may be the odd shouted insult and so forth. But these stem from people of little understanding and who feel intimidated by a small piece of inanimate fabric. People who are after passersby attention to sell items dont try to sell me their items. The dunya no longer sells itself to me. I am in my own world and by far it is not the dunya. My world revolves around trying to please my Lord. To try and embody those who surrounded the Prophet SWS. Like the wives of the Prophet SWS who are the best examples for muslimahs. Muslims forget the contribution they gave to Islam yet for them niqaab was fardh, and they got past this.

So here I am saying that I love the niqaab because it isolates me from others. But surely as social human beings it can be lonely?? Another general principle in tazkiyah or tassawuf as well as expressed in many ahadith is that being alone is better than having bad company. And having good company is better than being alone. By wearing niqaab yes I am lonely but I dont have the bad company. Because the bad company is repelled by the niqaab. Those who are able to get past the niqaab, and communicate to me, both muslims and the odd non-muslim have some morals or good qualities to them that make them good company. For the non-muslims they have a perception, an open-mindedness and questioning mind which will inshaAllah lead them down to accepting Islam. I need not explain muslims being good company for them being muslim in the first place gives them these good qualities.

InshaAllah I hope this helps you with trying to understand why I wear it.

Like I said niqaab is what you make of it. If you make it a barrier you will have a barrier. We are our own worst enemies. But if you look past it to what makes a person a person, their experiences, their morals and values, their personality, you will find the true essence of a person. People who are in the dunya are so far removed from their fitrah they have forgotten who they are. They have forgotten what they need and as such they find something missing. They are never able to connect with a person because they focus on everything except that essence. Everything external and not the internal. And of course they miss the most important thing of all. That link with Allah. The relationship between the master and the servant.

I pray that none of what I say here offends or insults. Please forgive me if it does as this was never my intention.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Niqab

Assalamualaikum, I saw many people who came to this blog searching for niqabs to buy. I will list out the high quality and comfortable niqabs from SunnahStyle for you to quickly decide which one suits you. Click on the pictures to buy.

Why i said high quality? I'm a seamstress. I make my own dress and niqab. When i see the niqab from SunnahStyle, i can tell that their niqabs are high quality.

Okay. We'll start with the half face niqab. I wore this kind of niqab after i decided to cover my face. I think this is good for a beginner because we can get used to face covering first before wearing the full face niqab.

Half Face Niqab (Black)




Description from Sunnahstyle : Our Half Face Niqab is a simple niqab that ties around the head for an adjustable fit. It is designed to cover the bottom half of the face only (from the nose down), making it perfect for niqabis who already wear their hijab over their eyebrows. The niqab is made of soft, lightweight fabric that is both breathable and comfortable for all day wear.
This niqab style is usually tied underneath the hijab but is pictured on top of the hijab to show detail.

$4.99 USD

Next, after wearing half face niqab, i changed to this full face veil. I prefer to tie it inside the hijab. I mean i tie this niqab on my head then i put on hijab.

One Piece Tie Back Niqab (Black)




Description from Sunnahstyle:
Our One Piece Tie Back Niqab is a simple Saudi style niqab made of soft, lightweight fabric that is comfortable and breathable. The niqab ties around the head and features a larger than average eye-slit for all day comfort.

Price :
$9.99 USD

I also wear this type of veil

Two Piece Tie Back Niqab (Black)

Desciption from SunnahStyle : Our Two Piece Tie Back Niqab is a Saudi style niqab made of soft, lightweight fabric that is comfortable and breathable. The niqab ties around the back of the head and has two layers: a bottom layer which covers the face and a top layer which can be flipped back over the head or left down to cover the eyes.

Price :
$10.99 USD

And this next veil caught my attention. Why? Because it is different from other type of veils. I've never seen this type before. I think it is practical, easy to wear, comfortable, easy to adjust and for better vision. Well, let's see what i'm talking about.

No-Pinch Two Piece Tie Back Niqab (Black)

Front with top layer flipped back

Eye-slit Close up (can you see that 'V' shape on the corner of the eye slit?)

Desciption from SunnahStyle : Our exclusive No-Pinch Two Piece Tie Back Niqab features an eye-opening that is designed 3/4" high with V-shaped corners for style. This design keeps the fabric away from the eyes and prevents the bottom piece from riding up and pinching the eyes. The result is a super-comfortable niqab that will not need to be pulled down to give the eyes more room. It will also work very well for sisters that wear glasses and have trouble getting them in and out of a thin slit.

Like our regular two piece niqabs, the niqab is made of soft, lightweight fabric that is comfortable and breathable. It ties around the back of the head and has two layers: a bottom layer which covers the face and a top layer which can be flipped back over the head or left down to cover the eyes.

Price :
$12.99 USD

You also can buy No-pinch One piece tie back niqab but right now it is out of stock so you have to wait until it is available to buy.

Finally, my favourite niqab. Isn't it beautiful?

Tie Back Butterfly Niqab

Front With top layer flipped over eyes

Desciption from SunnahStyle : Our Butterfly Style Niqab is a unique and versatile Khaleeji two-layer niqab style that ties at the back of the head. The niqab is made of soft, lightweight fabric designed to be both comfortable and breathable.

The top flip layer of the niqab is designed with a rounded edge which makes it possible to wear the niqab in a number of different ways. When flipped back, the top layer reaches halfway down the back and the sides of the top layer cover the shoulders giving the appearance of a hijab. The top layer can also be flipped back and the rounded part can be brought forward over the forehead or eyes to create a wavy effect around the face. It can also be worn with the top layer down to cover the eyes and provide extra coverage.

Price : $19.99 USD

If you are interested in other colour than black, you can browse the sunnahstyle website and choose your desired colour. There are many other styles available at sunnahstyle for you to buy if this list doesn't meet your interest. I hope this list will help your decision in buying niqab online. Wassalam.